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Wet your whistle!

Koriente offers a wide range of teas, hot and cold. Choose from our list, or simply ask for a recommendation.
For the caffeine-conscious: black teas have the most caffeine, while oolong and green teas have considerably less. White tea has very litte, herbal, fruit and red teas have no caffeine.

bubble tea (milk/soy): $3
always a crowd-pleaser. Classic black, jasmine, taro, raspberry, strawberry, coffee, matcha(powdered green), mango, peach, lychee, chai, honeydew, almond..
bubble tea (green/red/black tea): $3
mango, passion fruit, peach, strawberry, lychee, raspberry.

Premium Hot Teas: $3 (selection may vary)
black: peaches and ginger, hot cinnamon, organic darjeeling, earl grey, mango black, paris
green: genmaicha, jasmine pearl, moroccan mint, tropical green, tokyo, gunpowder green, pomogranite oolong
red: african autumn, organic rooibos
herbal: peppermint, lemon herbal, chamomile

iced jasmine green tea: $2.50
A refreshing unsweetened jasmine green tea.
iced red tea (african autumn): $2.50
full of antioxidants, mild and delicious.
iced black tea (unsweetened): $1.50
just good ol' classic iced tea.
iced cinnamon tea: $2.50
A naturally sweet tea with a cinnamon kick. There's no sugar in it but it'll seem sweet!
fresh squeezed lemonade: $2.50
add any of the above iced teas to make a lemonade iced tea for no additional cost.
iced chai latte, with milk or soymilk: $3
iced coffee, with milk or soymilk: $3
bottled spring water: $1

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