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Edamame: $3
Steamed veggie soybeans with sea salt.
Garden Salad: $3.50
spring greens, red bell peppers, red cabbage, carrots, and avocados with sesame seeds in our own balsamic vinaigrette dressing.
Miso Shiru Soup: $2
a light, rustic unsalted vegan miso soup made with shiro miso, tofu, basil and dried seaweed.
Koriente Pickles: $1.50
Korean radish, celery, onion and jalapenos marinated overnight with soy sauce, rice wine and vinegar. A tangy, unique addition to any dish.
Smoked Salmon Roll: $6
Smoked Salmon, avocado, organic baby greens, green cabbage, carrot and red cabbage in a thin tapioca wrap. Served with wasabi and soy sauce or hot red pepper sauce.
Hummus Roll: $4.5
Our homemade hummus, avocado, organic greens, red cabbage, green cabbage and carrots in a thin tapioca wrap. Served with your choice of peanut sauce or a spicy red pepper sauce.
Summer Rolls $4
An elegant vegan item similar to vietnamese spring rolls, but made with avocados, green papaya and a variety of fresh vegetables designed to offer a fresh, clean bite. A light soy-based sauce complements the roll perfectly, adding depth without overpowering the roll itself.

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